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Couples Verbal Coaching Sessions

Keep you motivated, Focused on your goals, Identify barriers

Service Description

Mad passionate love should be felt at least once in a lifetime. I think it should be felt every day! So, let's get started! I take a more interactive approach, guiding you through exercises to help you both feel more comfortable in your body, your sexuality and intimacy. You both learn to set boundaries. Ask for what you want and say no to what you don't want. I offer you emotional support and suggestions during our sessions. In addition, after our sessions you go home with assignments to complete to keep you motivated around your desire to have an amazing sex life. I may suggest books, videos and possibly toys for you to use between sessions. We talk about sex! Openly and honestly! We talk about your fantasies, needs, desires. Having these conversations together as a couple helps to boost your passion and deepen your intimacy. You learn to bring romance back into your everyday life. Great sex starts with foreplay! You learn to take steps to let your partner know you are there for them, that they are desired and important to you. This boosts your connectedness and ignites your creativity that drives passion. At each session we identify and celebrate what you have accomplished. We also identify where you feel stuck and what can you do to continue to move forward in your commitment to having a more satisfying sex life. Committing to couples Sex Coaching is a process and the more you both give to the process, the more you get out of it. For couples, I encourage you to allow yourselves some time after a session to either take a walk or get dinner, decompress and appreciate your commitment to one another. Learning to truly master your pleasure, your partner(s) pleasure, and to give and receive amazing orgasms is work. When has work ever been so much fun!

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due at the end of each session. Appointments may be paid by cash, check or credit card. Full payment is due for appointments canceled less than 24 hours before appointment time.

Contact Details



Lisa Neville

Sex and Intimacy Coach

Book your 30-minute Discovery Call today. The $50.00 consult fee will be credited to your first appointment.

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